Wizard Roman

Without a single word from you, I will say for what purpose you turned to me, what is your problem

My method

I practice using serious methods that have been successfully applied for many hundreds of years before our birth, to the origin of which I personally have nothing to do.

But that’s why these rituals are powerful, powerful and effective for many years, because Generations.

Honestly, I’m extremely conservative in my views on magic rituals and in general magic.

I’m skeptical of all sorts of newfound and fashionable trends in magic.

For my practice, I did not invent anything new in magic, did not add or subtract, but persistently use the old methods, as I was taught and work.

These knowledges were passed either by word of mouth or through books.
(not to be confused with those little books that wander through the expanses of the Internet or stand on the shelves of shops – this is nothing more than fiction)