Wizard Roman

Without a single word from you, I will say for what purpose you turned to me, what is your problem


  • Personal page vkontakte

You have an interest in my services, want to sign up and come to a personal reception, have questions and suggestions – on this page you will find all possible contacts to contact me in the most convenient way and to discuss the day and time of our meeting.

It is enough to pick up the phone and dial the number – your problem will be heard.

8-937-802-02-92 – Write to Viber and Whatsapp

As I pointed out on the site, in my work I work with my wife Diana – she and my assistant.
Most often, she answers calls in connection with my busy workload:

  • I can be busy with the client.
  • Often I go to nature, to places of power – for rituals, as I do not sit in one place, because in the city office there is no power for rituals, and most rituals in the city are not implemented.
  • Nothing human is alien: I can be on the road, take a day off or finally become sick like everyone else.
  • Therefore, I ask you to treat this with understanding.

With Diana you can discuss any questions, or make an appointment for a personal reception.
The phone is always available, calls are accepted from 9.00-21.00 Moscow time
I will be glad to see you in the social networks. regularly there I communicate and answer questions. Most often I’m Vkontakte and Facebbok.
I actively use e-mail, write – the answer will not keep you waiting.
In extreme cases, within 12 hours you will receive a response to your letter.


Moscow, st. Kholmogorskaya, 1

Saratov, ul. Chapaeva, d. 14/26