Wizard Roman

Without a single word from you, I will say for what purpose you turned to me, what is your problem


Iskren is glad to see you on his website.

My name is Roman.

I practice runic magic and Russian black wares, I guess on runes and tarot cards without prompts (that is, from you only Name and date of birth – this is enough to view the situation in general)

Details about me, who I am, age, where, how to practice came – on the page “About Me”

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Genus - egregorial structure of a group of blood ...

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Comprehensive protection

Formula "Energetic", a little changed and turned out to ...

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Cleaning the room with a rune Quaort

For any candle (not church), apply with a marker ...

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School of

I will tell you something that no one of those who conducts these courses of magic and engages in training, what they hide, from learners and persistently do not want to talk

I'll tell you about all the pitfalls that you will encounter in training in any scenario, and how really it is at a lower cost - to become a real expert, a practitioner, and not on paper, which except to stand in a frame or send dust to far away - no more good.

I'll tell you:
• what is this school of magic • What can I teach
• How can you improve your life and make a lot of changes in it?
• how to learn something really useful and develop yourself.

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The power to reduce its consequences return money to investors and the next project to pay. Investors and satisfied with the state ...

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China is more than, by the way, in your life in your. Because preaching the spirit, try to become a businessman will ...

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