Wizard Roman

Without a single word from you, I will say for what purpose you turned to me, what is your problem

Pay on the site

Method of payment №1

On this page you can make a payment for the services of fortune telling or magic to the amount agreed with me with the help of any bank card.

If you have any bank card (salary, credit, debit, any – no difference) – then the payment process is simple as 2 x 2 = 4

Payment you do literally without getting up because of the computer and right from the phone.
Payment is carried out in real time and instantly.

Payments are processed by the company Yandex Money to an account authorized in my name.

Everything is very simple:

Field assignment of translation write: divination or magic;
In the comment field: write your phone and name so it’s easier for me to navigate.
Field of payment: click visa / mastercard
Press the pay button – in the new field that appears, enter the 16-digit number of your card and your name in Latin letters, as indicated on the front side of your card.

Method of payment №2

Also the account can be replenished in any salon of Svyaznoy and Euroset.


  • Come to the nearest Salon or Euroset salon.
  • Approach the payer or the cashier to the salon employee.
  • Choose the item Electronic money – Yandex money.
  • Dialing account number of yandes money 410011314258258
  • Specify the desired amount.
  • Click the button pay.

In case of any difficulties – contact the employee of the communication salon, they are always in the hall and are always happy to help.

Method of payment №3

Or you can make a payment for a specified amount through an online bank

  • Sberbank
  • Alfa Bank
  • Bank opening
  • Promsvyazbank
  • Moscow credit bank
  • many other banks
  • to the account of Yandex Money No. 410011314258258

Everything is simple

You go to the Internet – bank of your bank
Search for item Yandex money
Click – specify the account number 410011314258258
Click to pay.

Method of payment №4

Payment to the Sberbank card account

In our country, every second has a card of Sberbank

And for a huge audience of users of Sberbank services the simplest method of payment, also without getting up from the computer, or directly from your phone – transfer to a card of the Savings Bank.

If you are a customer of Sberbank, go to Sberbank online
Type the details below
Specify the agreed amount
Click to pay.

Method of payment №5

Payment with money transfer systems

In the event that none of the above methods of payment have arranged you, there is an easily feasible method of payment with the help of money transfer systems which are in the first branch of any bank that has fallen on your way.

In any branch of any bank, there is a system of money transfers such as:

  • Westernunion (in any branch of any first caught bank)
  • Contact
  • Gold Crown
  • MoneyGram (in the branches of the Savings Bank and others)
  • Unistream

Make a transfer to the agreed amount in the name

All services are exclusively for a fee.
– For “thank you” and “very necessary, but for that” I do not work.

Let’s be realistic no one “for” and a finger on the finger does not hit, no one will in vain disturb the mighty entities with which he works (for example, the ancient Gods), without personal interest, to take conscious risk, give his energy to the later layer to lie down.
There is an opinion among the people that real sorcerers do not take anything, either only with food or what they give

I will tell you authoritatively – a myth and a dangerous self-deception.
Not with money so others will take health, luck, anything, and what exactly after you find out.
Believe on the floor, for a long time in debtors there is no need to walk, they will take out the payment on time.
Remember the folk wisdom about free cheese in a mousetrap.
I hope for your discretion.