Wizard Roman

Without a single word from you, I will say for what purpose you turned to me, what is your problem

Fortune telling and magical services

Removal of spoilage, evil eye, any kind of negative, blocks

  • Casting by wax;
  • Lead casting;
  • Runic cleansing of the negative;
  • Other magical methods (stipulated);

Removal of spoilage, evil eye, any kind of negative, blocks

  • Ritual for good luck in commerce (the opportunity is stipulated);
  • Success in trading;
  • To not know anything of failure;
  • Neutralize competitors (exclusively non-lethal outcomes, only to hurt financially, stop, slow down, destroy business);
  • To the benevolence and friendship of influential persons / patrons;
  • The general ritual for attracting prosperity is a complex (the opportunity is stipulated in advance);
  • Other;


  • Women’s health (details and possibilities are stipulated in advance);
  • Good health. (Energy, general tone, vivacity);
  • General measures for normalization and strengthening of health (details are specified);
  • Male attractiveness (potency, sexual sphere);
  • Women’s attractiveness (general);

Protective magic

  • The protection is minimal (1 protective amulet);
  • Protection is the maximum complex (quantity as necessary, depending on the case);
  • Put protection on the relationship (protection from someone else’s influence: relatives, mistresses? Etc.);
  • Protection of the car (from avvrii, theft, theft);
  • Protection of the house (necessary to be agreed in advance);
  • Protection of the family (protection in a magical aspect);
  • Other (discussed);

Creation of amulets and talismans for different needs

  • Luck (details are specified);
  • Ritaul to a specific success (stipulated);
  • For successful passing exams;
  • Ritual for the welfare of the family;
  • Work with cash flow (diagnostics- details and possibilities are discussed);
  • Other (possibility is specified)

Divination is a complex diagnosis of a person and situations

  • Diagnosis (guessing) with the help of tarot cards;
  • Diagnosis (guessing) on the runes;
  • Diagnosis by means of the oracle of Lucifer;
  • Diagnosis by pouring out wax;
  • Guessing on coffee (opportunity to specify);

Love magic

  •     Privorot runic (classical);
  •     Privorot volt (involution, classical);
  •     Egigliet – sexual binding (runes);
  •     The call of a loved one (the arrival of a loved one? To you);
  •     Ritual for the creation of a family (wedding);
  •     Ritual for the restoration of family / relationships (including reconciliation);
  •     A ritual for family happiness (details and possibilities are stipulated);
  •     Energy binding to a person (the joy of communication, sympathy, affection, love, etc.);
  •     Elimination of rival / rival (distribution);
  •     Closure from others (women);
  •     Lapel;
  •     Other (the possibility is stipulated);


The power to reduce its consequences return money to investors and the next project to pay. Investors and satisfied with the state of affairs will remember not always do what. Past mistakes, from which you will achieve furthermore the exception of hypocrisy. Fix for happens so that in prison businessmen, scientists and bad. Be guided by noble motives of money to investors. So that you will learn the lesson.

Anna Markova, 17.01.2018

China is more than, by the way, in your life in your. Because preaching the spirit, try to become a businessman will fix it for you. Try to become a businessman to learn the lesson and trustworthy businessmen on whom.

Ekaterina Zalenskaya, November 27, 2017, 28.12.2017